'50 Shades' Director Took Erotic Pics of Love

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Before she was hired to direct the highly sexual book-turned-movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Sam Taylor-Johnson already had an erotic past behind the camera, as is revealed in a 2011 interview conducted by Courtney Love for the Sept. issue of V magazine.

Then Sam Taylor-Wood, she changed her name to match that of her 23-year-old husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the director had a rather candid chat with The Hole front woman, who gushed over why Sam was her "hero." "I'll tell you why: You beat cancer twice, your body of work is brilliant, and you're the only person who has never taken a bad picture of me," Love, now 48, told Taylor-Johnson, who's currently 46.

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Of course, the outspoken rocker took it a step further, adding of the photograph, "There's vagina in it. But it's cool, it's not like spread-eagle vagina."

Taylor-Johnson responded simply, "There's a power." Love didn't stop there, telling the director, "Yeah there's a power. Somebody once said -- and it wasn't me, although I once found it attributed to me -- that I had a magical p***y. So it sort of fits with that, which is fun."

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That wasn't all that was exposed in this interview. Taylor-Johnson also opened up about her feelings for film and directing. "Filmmakers are quite heroic sometimes, because I think to get a film made is an achievement in itself. To get a film made that is truthful to your vision is almost impossible."

After hearing this bizarre story, do you think Sam Taylor-Johnson is the right woman to direct the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey? State your case in the comments.