Is Woody Allen Returning To Stand-Up?

Getty Images

Woody Allen's new movie Blue Jasmine features not one but two renowned comedians, Louis C.K. and Andrew Dice Clay, which is leading many to speculate if the Oscar-winning director will be returning to his roots of stand-up comedy.

"We got into the whole conversation about how he started, and then we talked about where I started, and it really got his juices going again," Clay told The Hollywood Reporter.

"I hope he does it," Clay added of Allen's possible return to comedy. "I think he should do Radio City with me, personally."

C.K. also commented on the rumor that the 77-year-old will take the stage again, saying, "I'll ask him to, I'll probably never see him again. ...The way I look at it, I was in a movie they were making."

What do you think? Should Woody return to stand-up comedy?