Richard Simmons: Miley Cyrus 'Needs to Be Loved'

Richard Simmons: Miley Cyrus 'Needs to Be Loved'

Richard Simmons lent his infectious enthusiasm to the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet last Sunday, and in a sit-down interview with ET, the entertainer weighed in on the much-talked-about show-- specifically what he thought of Miley Cyrus' jaw-dropping performance.

Like the rest of the world, Simmons was introduced to a brand-new Miley that night, and it made him a tad uncomfortable.

"Was it over the top? Yes. And why did she do that? To entertain the young people and to cry out, 'Won't you love me?'"

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With that, he maintains the former Disney star's eye-opening behavior is more than likely a phase.

"Miley Cyrus, like all of us, needs to be loved. We all come from complicated parents… I understand her, and I love her, and I think things will be different with her. But you know, in the music business, sometimes you have to shock a little."

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Controversy aside, Richard says he enjoyed his time at Sunday's extravaganza, which just so happened to be his first time at the big show. Though those bashes are, admittedly, not his thing, he acquiesced when asked to attend by an organization called The Audience, who encouraged him to get the word out about his catchy new single and video, Hairdo (which you can watch here).

Prior to his stint on the carpet, Richard spent a good deal of time in Brazil, where he, in collaboration with the charity Hope Unlimited, aided residents of an orphanage who had limited access to clean drinking water.

"They had to go a mile down to get fresh water," he recalls of the heartbreaking sight. "I built them a well and met the kids who served me a lunch."

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What he will carry with him forever, he says, is their simple-yet-powerful goodbye.

"The magic moment," he divulges tearfully, "was when they poured the water out of the well and then we drank from the spigot."

To find out how you can help the Hope Unlimited cause, visit their website here.