Pierce Brosnan's Art to Benefit Animals

Getty Images

You can now add painter and animal lover to Pierce Brosnan's list of swoon-worthy attributes!

Starting this week, artwork created by the former James Bond actor will be featured on California's official Pet Lover's License Plate, with approximately $40 from each purchase going towards funding for free and low-cost spay and neuter services.

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"Over a half million dogs and cats are killed in California shelters every year," said Brosnan of the specialized plate launch, backed by TV Star and founder of the Cesar Millan Foundation, Cesar Millan. "This license plate will provide much needed funds which will enable people who couldn't necessarily afford to spay or neuter their pets to do so."

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The artwork, which you can see here, is of two of the animals adopted by Brosnan and his family – Shilo, their dog, and Angel Baby, their cat.

The plates can be purchased for $50 for a standard plate or $98 for a personalized plate. Visit www.DMV.CA.Gov to order or www.PetLoversPlate.com for more details.