Identity of 'Body Evolution' Model Revealed


The world took notice when a time-lapse video went viral on YouTube this week that showed how an image can be drastically changed via Photoshop, and now ET's Rocsi Diaz has an exclusive new interview with the star of the video, Sally Gifford Piper, and her husband Tim, the video's director.

When Diaz asked Sally why they did the eye-opening video, she stated, “I feel really angry about the pressure on women. The reality is that most of us don't look like these perfect women, and I think there needs to be a celebration of all different shapes and sizes. And we need to see more variety and I'm determined to fight for that."

The 36-second clip called "Body Evolution" was created by and shows Piper undergoing a transformation into a model with the help of a hair and make-up artist and Photoshop. The clip begins with Piper sporting shoulder length hair, makeup-free wearing bikini bottoms. After going through an intense hair and makeup process and Photoshop, she appears thinner and tanner, with a thinner nose, longer neck and smoothed-out skin.

When asked if the couple expected the response they are getting, Tim told Rocsi, "I didn't expect [the attention] at all. In fact, [the video] was uploaded about a year ago. It had a few thousand hits and then someone with a popular blog blasted it out into the universe and suddenly the phone calls came. It was exciting, but it's also nerve-wracking. You don't really expect it to blow up like that and it is exposure for Sally. So I called her and I said I hope you don't mind, but a few million people might see you in your underwear pretty soon."

When Rocsi asked Sally how she would be affected by the newfound attention, Sally said, "[I will] learn to love myself better and just be free and cool with it. Not put so much pressure on myself. You know what's cool though? I got attention for the right thing, I think, as opposed to getting attention for being perfect. I got attention for being imperfect. So it's a little less pressure."

The Pipers created the video in an effort to demand mandatory disclaimers be used on all photos of airbrushed models. For more of Sally and Tim's take on the unrealistic beauty expectations put on women, tune in to ET Monday night.