Hollywood And The White House Team Up To Help Stop Sexual Assault

White House

Sexual assault in America has been a problem for a long time, and in a new effort to stop this horrible crime, President Obama, Vice President Biden, and some of Hollywood's biggest names, have come together in support of the White House's new 1 Is 2 Many campaign.

Stars Benicio Del Toro, Steve Carell, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers and Daniel Craig star alongside the Vice President and the Commander-In-Chief in this new PSA, delivering an impassioned plea for the end of sexual assault.

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"It's happening on college campuses, at bars, at parties. Even in high schools," says Hill, in the emotional video.

"It's happening to our sisters, daughters. Our wives, and our friends," adds Carell and Craig.

"It's called sexual assault, and it has to stop," says Meyers.

While sexual assault can happen to anyone, it has become an increasing, persistent problem for young women. According to studies released by the White House, 1 in 5 women find themselves the victims of sexual assault, and women ages 16 to 24 suffer the highest rates of sexual violence.

The message of the PSA is, "If she doesn't consent - or can't consent - it's a crime. And it's wrong." And if you see sexual assault happening, help her, and speak up.

The PSA will air across the country in select Regal and Cinemark theaters, and in theaters on American military bases and installations across the globe starting in May.

For more on the White House's 1 Is 2 Many campaign, click here for more information.

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