Derek Jeter Speaks Out for the First Time After the All-Star Game


Derek Jeter’s standing ovation at the MLB All-Star game was a moment he will never forget, and in his first interview since that momentous occasion he is opening up to ET about his post-baseball plans.

“The fans have treated me tremendous throughout the course of the entire year. They've always respected me even when they've gotten on me in opposing stadiums, they've respected me,” he said. “For them to do that at the All-Star game is definitely a memory I'll have forever.”

So, what’s he going to be doing now that he isn’t hitting home runs anymore?

He’s heading into the kitchen … well, sort of. He’s working with LUVO, a nutritious food company to kick off their food truck tour in New York City. He’ll be working with the executive chefs to get some of his favorite meals in front of to his beloved fans!

“You know I get the opportunity to develop some of my favorite meals,” he told ET. “And then we let the executive chef take over and make sure it's got the nutrition factor to it.”

While one might have expected him to go straight into announcing on other MLB games, it seems he’s taking a completely different route!

Check out the video above to see the new way some of his famous friends, fans, and former teammates are all paying respect to the New York Yankees captain.