8 Reasons Why We Want the Second Royal Baby to Be a Girl


Listen, we don’t care if the baby is a boy or a girl, just so long as it’s healthy.

(But really: We want a girl.)

Today, the Palace confirmed that Prince William and Kate
, aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting a second
child, a sequel royal baby to their hit first baby, Prince George. Here’s why we hope the newest addition to the
monarchy is a little girl:

1. Everyone Loves a Princess:
They’re poised and they’re proper. They’re beautiful and elegant and regal. Being a princess is the ultimate aspirational fantasy. And it’s the reason half the world calls Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate. She is not. She’s a Duchess, it says as much right there in her royal name. But we want another princess! Give us another princess!

2. The Outfits:
THE OUTFITS! Baby clothes are automatically adorable, on account of how tiny they are. But just envision the types of designer baby dresses that William and Kate’s daughter would wear. We’re already envious of that infant's wardrobe and it doesn’t even exist (yet).

3. The Jewels:
We basically just want to see a baby in a tiara.

4. Coordinated Mommy-Daughter Ensembles:
This is the stuff dreams are made of. Mom and baby in matching Alexander McQueen outfits at like, a polo match or an afternoon tea? Would we basic peasant people even be able to comprehend that much cuteness?

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5. William Will Become Even More Adorable:
Will is a DILF now—more importantly, he seems like a very sweet daddy to Prince George. But look at that picture (above)! Look how adorable he is with that little girl! He doesn’t even know her! Imagine the moments that would be captured with a daughter of his own!

6. And Daddy-Daughter Dates:
We don’t think princesses have daddy-daughter dances in junior high (though we wish they did, because that sounds classy and chic and we’d love to know what’s on the playlist), but a father-daughter tea party would be the tea party to end all tea parties.

7. A Tribute to Diana:
Before we knew Catherine would be having a baby boy, the world brainstormed names for both sexes. And one of those names was Diana, after William’s late mother. Having that opportunity to pay tribute to Princess Di would be touching.

8. Can You Even Imagine That Royal Wedding?
Can you?! Recall how much we collectively FLIPPED OUT over Kate Middleton and her wedding dress and her bridesmaids and her big day. And we didn’t even know her, really! We didn’t get to watch her grow up! This will be Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding times infinity! We need to start planning this wedding now!