Lena Dunham Giving 'Archie' Comic a 'Feminist Update'


Archie fans are either going to really love or really hate what Lena Dunham does to Riverdale.

A die-hard fan of the beloved comic series, the Girls star revealed on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she's penning a four-part arc for Archie and it'll all be set in present day.

"I love Archie but going back and reading it, I would say that the values system of the Archies that I read as a child is slightly off from my own," she told the late-night host. "It's like, two really hot, intelligent women fighting over a redhead."

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"So I think it could use a little bit of a feminist update," Dunham, 28, continued. “So I'm going to try to figure out a way to be true to the world of Riverdale, while also inserting some of my politics and beliefs and trying not to show breasts… The teaser I'll give is that reality TV has come to Riverdale."

Are the Kardashians coming to town?!

Dunham's updates will come after a string of other major changes. Zombies and the cast of Glee were introduced into recent story lines, and Archie was even killed off at one point.

Do you think Dunham will do the comic justice?

In addition to making waves in the comic-book world, Dunham caused quite the scene at the Emmy's with her daring style. Here she is explaining her look to ET: