Oprah Goes Ultra Glam for Four-Cover Photo Shoot


We were with Oprah as she posed for four different O, The Oprah Magazine covers.

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"I love makeup," said Oprah. "I love playing with makeup. I have drawers of makeup. It's hard for me to throw makeup away but you should after a while."

Her love was apparent in the colorful photo covers. Oprah's favorite color was one featuring the media mogul with purple eyes. Gayle King had another idea, which was immediately turned down.

"My idea was blue eyes and she said, 'I'm not doing that. I don't want to send the message that I'm trying to be a blue-eyed girl,'" Gayle said. "She nixed that very quickly."

The genius behind Oprah's varying looks -- makeup artist Derrick Rutledge.

"He earned his keep that day, because we did four different covers," said Oprah. "It took 12 hours to do them all."

Check out the O covers when they hit newsstands September 16.