FLASHBACK: Carmen Electra Discovers the Internet in 1996


The year was 1996.

The hottest rising star was Carmen Electra.

And the coolest new thing? A little gizmo called a "web site."

In celebration of her 43rd birthday, we're flashing back to the time we took Carmen to cyberspace to show her our hip new web site, where fans could look at pictures, videos, and read bios of their favorite celebrities, like Carmen.

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"I'm just amazed!" she told us. "I mean, to push a button and be able to see a bio on your favorite artist, and pictures, and videos and interviews -- I just think it's amazing!"

A click of the mouse and the world of entertainment was at your fingertips!.. Unless your mom decides she needs to use the telephone.

Check out this video to see Carmen learning the ways of the Internet.