Eyewitness to Alleged Palin Brawl Says He Was Fired for Speaking Out

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Several members of Sarah Palin's family were allegedly involved in a fight on Saturday, but eyewitness Eric Thompson says that he's the one facing repercussions.

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Thompson told ET this morning that he was fired for speaking out about the alleged Palin fight.

In our interview Thompson sounded upset, revealing that he felt pressured into doing the interview with ABC, and then after it aired, he was let go from a job he loved.

He added that many in the town are supporters of the Palins, and although he says he was only telling the truth, some thought it put the family in a bad light.

The Palin family was reportedly asked to leave a snowmobile party over the weekend after Track Palin allegedly attacked another guest that formerly dated his sister Willow.

"I heard Sarah Palin scream out, 'You know who we are, don't you?'" Thompson told ABC News. "It was like we were just on a Jerry Springer episode."

After the alleged brawl, Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News' Hannity, but made no mention of the reported altercation.

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