Exclusive: Ben McKenzie Explains Injury on 'Gotham' Set


After actor Ben McKenzie rammed his head into concrete on his birthday, Friday, September 12, he posted photos of the injury on Instagram and thanked his doctor. ET's Rosci Diaz spoke to him about the very incident that left him in stitches.

McKenzie told ET, "It was a little embarrassing to be honest with you. I've done this for a while. I've done a fair number of fight scenes so it was more like 'Oh man, why did I do that?' It was just kind of a silly mistake to make, but everyone was great and life goes on."

NEWS: Ben McKenzie Rammed Head Into Concrete

The fight scene clearly did not go as planned, as McKenzie explained, "Everybody froze because that's what you do when something happens [where] there's a lot of blood. We were doing a fight scene [and] I had to drive a guy back into a concrete pillar, it was a long distance by 20 or 30 feet. I did a take correctly and then decided I would bash my own head into the pillar the side of it. I just missed by three inches caught the edge of it and there is a lot of blood."

Don’t worry though, McKenzie is ok now, telling us, "They did the concussion test…I'm fine, I just got a little boo boo."

Mckenzie plays the role of a young James Gordon on Fox's new addition to the Batman world. Gordon will meet Bruce Wayne before Wayne becomes Batman and will fight gang boss Fish Mooney along with other Gotham villians. The series will air on September 22.

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