Target Continues Support of Marriage Equality, Features Same-Sex Parents in New Commercial


Target doesn’t care who you sleep with, or love, or marry. Just as long as you shop at Target  a smart business strategy you’d think more companies would subscribe to.

They prove as much by featuring a couple of gay parents in an all-around diverse new ad for their “Made to Matter” campaign promoting organic brands. The ad isn’t focused on acceptance. Or promoting diversity. It’s just an add for organic food and the gay couple is just there. Included. Like in the real world.

But the timing is wonderful: Last month, the super store signed a legal brief in court that officially announced their support of marriage equality (“Everyone should be treated equally under the law,” the executive V.P. later posted in a blog). Naturally, anti-gay groups called for a boycott.

But Target is standing behind their values. Watch the ad here:

"Target is committed to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business, including our marketing efforts," a spokesperson told HuffPo. “The casting of this in line with previous marketing that Target has created including our Wedding Registry ad campaigns that have been running for the past several years.”

(The Wedding Registry ad campaign they are referring to a series of print ads from 2012, one of which featured two grooms embracing under the slogan, “Be Yourself, Together.”)

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Target is but the latest company to support the LGBT community via advertisements. Earlier this month, DirecTV kicked off football season with a (rather progressive) “NFL Sunday Ticket” commercial featuring two die-hard, football bros saying, “We’re just like any couple.”

Meanwhile, Burger King released The Proud Whopper this summer (spoiler alert: It was a regular Whopper wrapped in a paper that said, “We are all the same inside.”), and Honey Maid had arguably the most successful  and controversial  commercial this year: their “Wholesome Families” campaign.

So far, there haven’t been too many angry tweets directed Target’s way. No one has called for a boycott. No one have posted on Target’s Facebook that, because of this commercial, they’ve lost their business. So good job, Target. And good job, everybody else.