A Restaurant in England Is Serving This Breakfast That Contains 8,000 Calories


You’ll never look at waffles the same way again.

A restaurant in England called the Bear Grills Café is serving this breakfast platter called “The Hibernator.” It contains 8,000 calories worth of breakfast food (for reference, the average man needs around 2,500 calories per day and women need 2,000 — this is four days worth of food in one sitting).

The meal is served on a turkey platter and includes:

-8 pieces of bacon
-8 sausages
-4 hash browns
-4 waffles
-4 pieces of toast
-4 pieces of fried bread
-One 4-egg cheese omelet
-A large serving of fries (“chips”)
-A large milkshake

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"It's called 'The Hibernator' because if anyone completes it they'll have to sleep for a year,” owner Mark Winder explained to Mirror. "We weighed all the cooked food and it came to a whopping seven pounds. That's the weight of a baby.”

For £19.95 (approx. $32 USD), it is a bargain. It is also disgusting.

According to EatingChallenges.com, it is the “biggest brunch challenge in the U.K.” When the challenge was first issued, you had to finish it in 30 minutes to get your money back and a free T-shirt. After 20 failed attempts, now you just have to finish it.

But first, you’ll need to be over 18 and sign a waiver. The Hibernator is so intense that Winder makes anyone who wants to attempt it sign a release — just in case...something happens between calorie 1 and calorie 7,999.

Thankfully, “No one has died in the making of The Hibernator,” he says.