This Kid Has a Meltdown Because Beyonce Didn't Show Up to His Wisdom Teeth Surgery


If a kid gets anesthesia at the dentist and their loved one doesn’t record a video of that kid talking nonsense and that video doesn’t go viral, did that kid ever really get anesthesia at the dentist at all?

Probably not: In yet another case of wisdom teeth-induced insanity, 17-year-old Cody Lanphere was devastated when Beyoncé (yes, that Beyoncé) never showed up to his surgery. His mom, Christina Livingston, who did show up, filmed the entire episode.


Pre-Op to Post-Op

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"Where is Beyoncé? She told me she'd be here,” Cody, a college freshman at Johnston Community College in N.C., sobs in the video. “She lied to me! She lied to me, mommy."

(Obviously, Beyoncé never told Cody she'd come to his surgery.)

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Warning: As with the best post-dentist videos, there will be blood.

Christine tells ABC News that once Cody started talking about Beyoncé, a nurse said she should record it — is that what they’re teaching in medical school now?!

As for Christine, she had ulterior motives: "My son likes to tweet about me...You know, I was like, this is mommy's ultimate revenge.”

Cody says he was “complete[ly] bewildered” when he sobered up and saw the video: “I couldn't even believe that that's how I was acting because I don't remember any of it."

For the record, Cody DOES love Beyoncé, drugged or not. But who doesn’t?