Tom Hiddleston, Naomi Campbell and More Answer #WakeUpCall, the New Ice Bucket Challenge


Wondering why Tom Hiddleston, star of Thor and the Internet’s favorite boyfriend, took this selfie? Besides to gift the world with more adorableness? He did it to help children in need.

Tom is taking part in UNICEF’s #WakeUpCall campaign to raise awareness for child refugees in Syria (according to UNICEF, there are currently 6.5 million) and raise money for humanitarian aid.

“As irritating as some people find these campaigns, they really work,” Jemima Khan, the UNICEF ambassador who thought up the idea, explained. And it did for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over $100 million dollars.

Naomi Campbell
has joined:

And uhhhhhh, Hugh Grant?

(It’s a movie still from Cloud Atlas, but it’s the thought that counts.)

Singer Natalie Imbruglia, comedian Stephen Fry, and chef and The Taste judge Nigella Lawson have also answered the #WakeUpCall. To participate, take a photo or video of yourself right after waking up and text SYRIA to 70007 to donate £5 (those outside the U.K. can donate online here).

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Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker have grabbed on (literally) to a dfifferent campaign: #FeelingNuts, to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

#FeelingNuts was started by Check One Two in the U.K., and asks men to post a picture showing how they check themselves for signs of cancer: “Do you like to do it upside down? After a nice hot shower? Or do you prefer a lunch break fondle when no one is looking?”

Ricky Gervais
felt his:

Will Arnett
felt his:

And Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Strahan felt theirs, together:

Hey, whatever works. We’re just happy people are doing good in the world.