This 6-Year-Old Crying Because He Can't Get Married Is the Sweetest Kid Online


This kid is the man of your dreams. In 12 years.

Six-year-old Dean’s dad says he “threw a tantrum and started crying because I told him he couldn’t get married.” Tantrum? No, this little guy just believes in the power of romance!

“I’m only 6 and then I’ll be 7,” Dean cries. “It takes a thousand, million days.

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As his dad tries to calm him down, Dean asks, “How many years old do you have to be, Dad? To get married?” They settle on 18 years old, with his dad making one major stipulation: “You gotta be in love to be married.”

To which Dean responds, “I already am.”

And if you aren't at cute overload, watch this baby's choreographed dance: