Frankie Valli Says Bruno Mars Could Be The Next Michael Jackson


Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons shot to super stardom in the early 1960s with their first hit “Sherry” followed up by “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” and many more since.

The story of the Four Seasons is now being played out for the world to see in Jersey Boys. The Tony Award winning show is currently playing at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood until October 19th, and Frankie himself was there to witness the show’s opening night.

ET was at the show and we got a chance to speak with Valli who talked about the decision to tell his life story on stage, shared his advice to young stars today, and he revealed the one young star he feels is better than the rest.

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“Well there is a new kid on the block...his name is Bruno Mars. This kid is phenomenal,” Valli gushed about the two-time Grammy award winner. “It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he became as big as Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley. This kid is really talented. There is no kidding about it. He's been doing this since he was a very, very little kid.”

After a career that’s spanned more than five decades, Valli definitely knows a thing or two about how the industry works, and he didn’t hesitate to share his advice for young stars today.

“Try not to use all your money,” he said. “That would be the first thing I would tell them… and remember that everything that goes up, goes down. We have gravity and there's nothing we can do about that… more importantly then anything, for me anyway, the way I've always looked at it; be loyal to your fans, not just they be loyal to you.”

Check out the video above to see what message Frankie wants audiences to take away from Jersey Boys!