Amanda Bynes' Psych Hold Extended to 2 Weeks, Hit 'Breaking Point' With Abuse Allegations


Amanda Bynes is continuing to get help after being admitted to a facility on Friday night. The Bynes' family lawyer Tamar Arminak confirms to ET that the 28-year-old's psychiatric hold has been extended for 14 more days.

As for what caused this "breaking point" for the former Nickelodeon star, a source who spoke to Bynes says it was the tweets claiming her father sexually abused her.

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"She came clean and said it [the allegations of abuse] wasn't true," the source says. In fact, the source says Bynes admitted, "I don't know why I did that. He [my father] yelled at me [when I was a teenager], but did he ever hit me? No. He never did that."

The source continues, "I think that was her breaking point, and that's when she realized she needed help. She knew that what she said about her dad was really, really wrong. She feels very, very guilty for going that far. It was a horrible accusation."

The source adds, "No one knows what went wrong," to prompt the tweets, adding that it's unclear whether she has been formally diagnosed with any specific mental health condition such as bipolar disorder. "It was my assumption those tweets were to get her parents' attention," the source says. "Something deep inside her made her feel like she needed help, and that it was time to come home, and to where her parents are."

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The source says, "She was told there's counseling, so she agreed to come back to L.A. from New York." Included in Bynes' erratic tweets last week was a reference to a microchip implanted in her head that was allowing people to read her thoughts, and that she said it "made me say those things" about her father. "She said she wanted a doctor to look at the microchip," the source says. "You want to steer people who think things like that toward help."

Upon landing at LAX on Friday, Bynes was transported to Las Encinas, a psychiatric facility in Pasadena, Calif., where she was placed on a 72-hour "5150 hold," which has now been extended for 14 additional days. Bynes was on a 5150 hold before, in July 2013. The source says Bynes was told that she was being taken to see her lawyers.

Clinical psychologist Frank Sanchez explains to ET that it's sometimes a more "humane" way -- rather than handcuffing or putting someone into a police vehicle -- to get someone into care. "What they're doing is caring for their child the best way they know how," Sanchez says.

According to the source, Bynes knew that Sam Lufti -- Britney Spears' former manager -- was still in contact with her family. "She knows he was behind the first conservatorship," the source tells ET, and says Bynes reached out to Lutfi a few weeks ago "asking for advice, because she didn't trust a lot of people. She didn't sound like herself."

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That concerned Lutfi, who alerted Bynes' parents that she had reached out and that she seemed particularly out of sorts. "That's how it started [this time]," says the source. "It was about drawing Amanda into help." The source adds, "She knew she was seeing a counselor while in L.A. She knew she was going to the hospital. She did meet her lawyers, but they met her at the hospital. She was even texting with them on the way there." Still, the source says, "The hold was a surprise."

Bynes tweeted at Lufti on Friday, saying "you feel like a brother to me @SamLufti i mean it. Thank you luuuuv."

On Twitter, Lufti responded to a comment from Perez Hilton about Bynes by writing, "She's in good hands now. Many thanks to all those that helped along the way." He also used the hashtag #getwellAB.