Demi Lovato Gets Engaged-But It's Not What You Think


Demi Lovato is engaged
, but it's not what you may think.

The 22-year-old received a proposal at her concert in Moline, Illinois on October 11.

The proposal started with a sign that said, "Demi I have a ring for you."

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The sign was followed by the presentation of a green ring on bended knee.

Oh wait, did we forget to mention that it was from a 5-year-old boy named Grant?

In a scene that will melt your heart-- just like it melted Demi's-- the kid then joins Demi on stage.

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She asks about the poster, "Did you make me that? Can you get down on one knee?"

And so Grant does, and he asks those words, "Demi, will you marry me?" The crowd then goes wild.

Demi exclaims, "I will!"

The duo seal the deal with a big hug, and Grant gives her a kiss on the cheek.

In a moment that is too cute for words, Demi then says it's official. Looks like Demi's boyfriend Wilmer Valderama has some serious competition!

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