Amber Rose's New Butt Selfie Is Wow-Worthy-Take That, Wiz!


Proving that a picture is worth so many words, Amber Rose is rivaling even Kim Kardashian with her latest butt selfie.

But before showing you the picture that will make you say, 'OMG, wow!,' there's a special reason why Amber chose this specific time to share the pic.

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The 30-year-old model recently filed for divorced from her rapper husband Wiz Khalifa after one year of marriage. Shortly after that, she accused him of cheating

Fast forward to Oct. 14 when her soon-to-be-ex is now on a tracked called "Pu**y Overrated," where he raps about a gold digger with lyrics like these: "Ain't spendin' sh*t, so I prolly won't get along with you…Might have showed a little love, but you can't say nothin' to me no more."

No longer wearing her heart on her sleeve, Amber put her heart on her head to make a bold statement with her booty. Her direct response to Wiz's lyrics lies in the photo’s caption: "#Thot #Whore #Hoe #Slut #GoldDigger..... #ButDatAssonFleekDoe."


#Thot #Whore #Hoe #Slut #GoldDigger..... #ButDatAssonFleekDoe ??❤️??

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And in case you're wondering what that all means, we've got you covered.

It's nice to see a more chipper Amber. It was just Oct. 6 that she was talking about her broken heart.

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To see more on the Amber and Wiz split, check out the video below.