This Girl's Game of Hide and Seek With Her Dog Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes


We’re only using a Grinch reference in the title because the family in this video already has their Christmas tree up. (Yes, already. We double-checked and the video was uploaded this week. They are PREPARED. Do you even have your Halloween costume picked out?)

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Yuletide shaming aside, this video will make you so, so happy: It’s a little girl named Sierra challenging her dog, a Newfoundland named Sebastien who’s about three times her size, to a game of hide and seek.

Sierra hides, Sebastien seeks…

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Most of the video is Sebastien searching the (very, very clean, despite having a baby and a dog) home — which is more entertaining than it sounds — but eventually, he finds Sierra:

And it’s CUUUUUUTE. Watch the video here:

And for a cuteness overload, watch these adorable twins play peekaboo: