Hollywood's Baby Boom: Eva Chen's 9 Tips For Flawless Pregnancy Style


As even the glowing Blake Lively pointed out to ET at her first red carpet baby bump appearance, "It's very different getting dressed with a watermelon as a stomach."

And she's not the only one dressing around watermelon stomach in Hollywood. Carrie Underwood, Zoe Saldana, Hayden Panettiere, Rachel Bilson, Shakira, Kelly Rowland and more are all expecting — it's a Hollywood baby boom!

Fortunately, we have Lucky magazine editor-in-chief Eva Chen -- who is expecting a baby girl herself this winter -- and she’s sharing with ET her best tips when it comes to dressing for two.

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1. You Don’t Have to Wear Maternity Clothes: Seek out super comfortable and roomy tops from Forever 21 to pair with elastic-waist maternity jeans or maybe an oversized coat from Asos. And many designers are now offering maternity lines as well. "One of my favorite lines is called Vince," Eva reveals. "They make the best t-shirts and the best jeans, and just basics."

2. Get Inspiration on Instagram: #StyleTheBump is Eva's favorite hashtag to follow on the social media platform. "You have a lot of women posting pictures of themselves pregnant in their outfits so that is a good resource for sure."

3. You Can Still Rock Current Trends: While peplum has been popular for a while and up until now has been at the waist. But good news! "Now peplum is migrating to the hem of the skirt, which is actually better for pregnancy," Eva says.

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4. Throw a Coat On It!: Outerwear is your friend and pastel colors are huge for fall. "Basically, our solution to everything is to throw a pastel coat over it," Eva says. "It's a big trend for fall, it’s perfect for pregnant women."

5. Keep Your Skinny Jeans Handy: As Eva points out, "Skinny jeans these days, they can be skinny everywhere except for the waistband." And just about every designer now makes a skinny jean with an elastic waistband. "Pair that with an oversized shirt or kind of a billowy strappy tank top you're set."

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6. Ditch the Heels: Flats are already in fashion but now sneakers are too! "We're seeing a huge sneaker dressing trend," Eva says. And whether you want a designer sneaker or a ballet flat, it’s all good. "You can’t go wrong with a classic flat."

7. Rock That Bathing Suit: In fact, Eva even recommends you rock that bikini. "When it comes to bathing suits and bikinis, I say go for it," Eva says. "Really, it's like, what are you supposed to do? Undeniable, you're pregnant, you might as well own it."

8. Enjoy Your Small Handbags: Live it up with your cute handbags during your pregnancy. As Eva points out, "The next bag you’ll upgrade to will probably be a diaper bag."

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9. Focus on Accessories: "It's all about accessories when you're pregnant," Eva says. "A sassy pair of shoes, a gorgeous rose gold handbag, something that makes you feel good about yourself." But, of course, the best accessory of all is your baby bump.

For more tips watch the video above!