No One Has Ever Been More Excited to Give the Weather Forecast Than This Kid


If the “Apparently” Kid – you know, that adorable little redhead who apparently had “never been on live television before” – is going to anchor our dream newscast, he’ll need a weather forecaster. Thankfully, WGN News found Charlie Hale.

Let’s call him the “Let Me Tell You” Kid.

“Let me tell you, this is great to be here,” Charlie says in the clip. “I’ve never been on TV before.” And let us tell you, that’s apparently the best qualification to have to break into the news industry. From there, Charlie dances, does the weather –good luck with your snow, Canada! – and wins America’s heart.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like he wants to take his forecasting skills full time: “Well, I wanted to be a police officer because I love danger,” Charlie explains. “But I also want to be a millionaire. And I kind of want to be a soccer player.”

Guess we’ll just watch our boring, regular news with grown up newscasters.

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