Christie Brinkley and Her Ex-Husband's Other Ex-Wife Kiss and Make Up

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Sometimes it takes a divorce for two women to stop fighting over a man. Or, in this case, two divorces.

Model Christie Brinkley and architect Peter Cook were married for 12 years, until a very public and bitter divorce in 2008 that brought out the fact that Cook had an affair with his 18-year-old assistant. But it was Cook's friendship with another woman – Suzanne Shaw, who later married Cook – that led to a dramatic courthouse interaction that made tabloid headlines.

During the divorce proceedings, Brinkley stopped Shaw in the courthouse hallway, warning her, "When you find out he’s been cheating on you, I'll be here for you."

Shaw responded, "Come up with a new line!" and blamed Christie for any relationship problems with Cook – at least until she and Cook also divorced because of his alleged infidelity.

Now Shaw's writing a letter to publicly apologize for her words.

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In a letter published by the New York Post, Shaw writes, "Christie and I have talked recently and I have privately apologized to her, but, given the public nature of their divorce and custody battle, I feel a public apology is also appropriate and deserved."

She goes on to say, "Christie was wrongly vilified as being an embittered ex-wife. I now believe she had every right to do what she did by taking a public stand; she was only trying to protect her children and have the truth be told…Unfortunately, I fell under Peter's spell, but now that the reality of who he is has been revealed, I regret my involvement."

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Shaw says Brinkley has forgiven her, and both women are putting the whole thing behind them. At the age of 60, Brinkley is not letting her previous relationships get to her. She recently told ET, "I've really enjoyed being single for literally the first time in my life."

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