Iggy Azalea Split Her Pants While Performing 'Big Booty' at a Bar Mitzvah


Oy vey! Iggy Azalea may have inadvertently helped turn some boys into men during a Bar Mitzvah in Los Angeles on Saturday night when she accidentally flashed the crowd while performing "Big Booty."

For all those envious of Iggy's curves, it turns out there’s a downside to having a big booty -- sometimes your pants split.

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In the middle of her performance, which was originally posted to balleralert.com, Iggy unintentionally blessed a chosen few when a tear appeared on her backside. The 24-year-old rapper didn’t seem to notice and continued to swing and sway to the music.

Add this to the growing list of awkward Iggy performances, including her cringe-worthy Saturday Night Live performance with Mo in October, her Dancing with the Stars earpiece flub in May and her epic stage fall at an MTV VMA benefit show in August.

To Iggy's credit, Mo took most of the blame for the SNL performance.

"So ... Yesterday, as some of u might know, I performed alongside @IggyAzalea at @SaturdayNightLive," she wrote in a handwritten letter that she took a picture of and tweeted. "I was BEYOND excited (!!!) -- but unfortunately I had some technical issues which caused latency on my vocals, and as a result I got confused and my timing was off. It pains me and I'm SO sad today. But life goes on ..."

Watch the footage of Iggy's Bar Mitzvah mishap above.