Hollywood's Information Underground: Who's Really Selling Secrets About Your Favorite Celebs?


ET turned the tables on the tabloids' secret web of sources when we went inside Hollywood's information underground, revealing who is selling the secrets that lead to the photographs on magazine covers.

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Photographer Jeff took us for a ride along, showing us the ins and outs of his business.

Ever wonder how every time a celeb hits the sidewalk, he or she is met by the blinding flash of a paparazzo? One key is to have people send in tips.

During our ride along Jeff received a tip from a valet worker that led to shots of Cindy Crawford with husband Rande Gerber.

"It was worth the wait definitely," said Jeff, who applied a technique called "door stepping" (waiting outside of a Hollywood hotspot) to get up-close photos of Cindy and Rande outside of the establishment.

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So with so many people diming them out, who can celebrities trust? For many, it's their limo driver. This according to professional driver Maurice.

"I haven't come across any drivers on a professional level that would actually dime somebody out or give paparazzi heads up," said Maurice. "That's the difference between hiring an established limousine company or some random driver at Uber."

When he's not getting tipped off, Jeff is prowling the streets -- a technique known as "fishing." In our day with him, Jeff was able to land shots of David Spade and separate pictures of Jessica Alba just by riding around the streets of Los Angeles.

Watch the video to see how a lackluster pic of Aaron Paul turned into a huge get for Jeff with a surprise Justin Bieber sighting.