A Soldier Traveled 22 Hours from the Middle East to Surprise His Wife After She Gave Birth

Mary Greeley Medical Center

Iowa Army National Guard Sergeant John Vorrath is currently deployed with his unit in the Middle East. It was while he was there that his wife, Janae, gave birth to their second child. Vorrath had to watch it happen via Facetime.

Here is their first family photo:

Mary Greeley Medical Center

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But while he was on Facetime, Vorrath’s commander slipped him a note saying his request for leave had been granted. Instead of telling his wife right away, he travelled 22 hours to surprise her and his new daughter, Charlotte, at the Mary Greeley Medical Center.

There were a lot of hugs:

And bonus cuteness! His 2-year-old son, who hadn’t seen his dad since he was deployed, made a cameo at the end! More hugs!

Watch the adorable reunion here:

And if you can handle more cuteness, watch these babies play peekaboo: