Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Recreate Daughter's Kiss Pic!


'Racy' is a relative term, but Jim Bob and Michelle did take a black and white kissing pic.

Remember how Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald didn't even kiss at their own wedding ceremony, but then posted a rather racy (for them) kissing photo to Instagram?

It's great living life with your best friend! @ben_seewald

A photo posted by Jessa Duggar (@jessaseewald) on

Well, it looks like Jessa's parents want in on the uncomfortable-kissing-photo bandwagon.

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On Sunday, Jessa (now Jessa Seewald) posted a photo to her Instagram page that depicts her reality star parents recreating Jessa and Ben's intimate photo.

The 22-year-old 19 Kids And Counting star captioned the photo: "My parents texted me this picture! This year marks 30 years of marriage, and they're still in that 'honeymoon' stage! It's great to see older married couples still so madly in love! I love you Mom & Dad!"

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That is a totally normal reaction to seeing your parents making out. Not screaming, running quickly in any direction, and trying to drink the image away.

It is a relatively racy photo for Jim Bob and wife Michelle Duggar, considering that, for the most part, the affection their kids are allowed to show to the people they're dating is usually limited to awkward side-hugs and hand holding (but only once they are engaged).

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Then again, while this is more passion than the Duggar parents typically show in public, they do have 19 children and none of them are adopted.

Before dwelling too much on that
, check out the video below for a look at Jessa and Ben's super-sweet (kissing free) wedding ceremony!