This 'Up'-Themed Pregnancy Announcement Will Make You Cry (Just Like the Dad-to-Be!)


We know we change our minds on this every week, but we mean it this time: We have a new favorite genre of viral videos. No more adorable dogs playing with babies. No inspiring child dancing prodigies.

Our favorite viral videos are pregnancy announcements that make the dad-to-be cry. Because, AWWWW! How could you watch this Up-themed pregnancy announcement and not tear up too?

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“Before I knew I was pregnant, I planned how I would tell Jacob he was going to be a dad,” wife Erika Jackson explains. “I bought an art print of the Up house sitting on Paradise Falls (we love all things animation) and wrote him a poem on the back (he wrote me a children's book when he proposed).”

Here’s the poem that was on the back:


“This was his perfect reaction!!!!” Erika says. WE AGREE!!!!

And we assume only more adorableness will come once the baby actually arrives! Just look at these babies playing peek-a-boo! Watch now: