Kim Kardashian Wants To 'Break The Internet' With A NSFW Pic Of Her Bare Butt


Kim Kardashian
has taken it upon herself to "break the internet" by Instagramming two of the most revealing and sexual photos ever.

The two images were both shot for PaperMagazine's cover story of the 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

The first pic posted shows Kim in a long black Jessica Rabbit-style dress, balancing a champagne glass on her butt, while popping a bottle of bubbly. The champagne arcs through the air and lands all over her back and in the cup. The cover simply reads: "Break the Internet, Kim Kardashian."

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It's not subtly sexual, and very NSFW -- unless you work for a low-budget movie company that shoots films exclusively in rental homes out in the San Fernando Valley. She captioned the pic: "Paper Magazine new cover alert! -- such a honor to work with the legendary Jean-Paul Goude!!!! Shot this in Paris. Can't wait for you to see the the whole issue."

Kim also tweeted jokingly: "And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine."

When you get to the second shot she posted, you realize how classy and reserved the first pic actually was. This one is basically just a well-lit shot of Kim's entire butt.

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Somehow, this image manages to be even less workplace appropriate (it's pretty inappropriate in any context) than the champagne booty.

Unless the pic has been Photoshopped (say whaaat?) than that waist training she's been doing seems to really be working out -- if her goal was to have the actual proportions of a cartoon character.

However, it looks like she might achieve her goal of "breaking the internet," as people online have been going crazy over the photos.

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Even her husband Kanye West tweeted the bootylicious cover, writing: "#ALLDAY." 

Two months ago, Kim teased the scandalous shoot, but the world had no idea what it was in for. The reality star wrote: "Yesterday's shoot was sooooooo good! I can't wait for you guys to see this!!!!! #PaperMagazine #JeanPaulGoude."

Yesterday's shoot was sooooooo good! I can't wait for you guys to see this!!!!! #PaperMagazine #JeanPaulGoude

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim hasn't lost her touch when it comes to generating publicity. Her talent with controversy is how she's maintained her fame for so long, and she must have known she had this skill since she was young!

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