Brooke Shields Reveals She Lost Her Virginity to Dean Cain


Brooke Shields' first time was with Superman!

In her new memoir, There Was a Little Girl, the 49-year-old actress recounts her romances as a child star and reveals that her boyfriend Dean Cain was quite the gentleman when they dated. In an excerpt given to People magazine from the book, Shields recalls that she and Cain were "instantly crazy about each other," and confesses that she lost her virginity to the Superman star when she was 22.

"He was incredibly and painfully patient with me regarding sex," she says in her book. "I made him wait and wait and my mom kept track."

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Shields refers to her teenage persona as "the most celebrated virgin of our time" and claims it was her momager, Terri Shields, who was insistent she put a chapter about her virginity in her teenage memoir. "I was her greatest creation," she says of her mother. "It was us against the world."

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Terri passed away in 2012 from complications due to dementia. "Even though I understood her better than anybody else," she confesses. "I'm not sure I ever understood her fully."

As for her relationship with the late Michael Jackson, Shields says it was always platonic between them. "We just felt safe with each other," she remembers.

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The actress' list of romances with famous men could give Taylor Swift a run for her money. Shields has been connected to John F. Kennedy Jr. (People says "they went out after he gave her a tour of Brown University"), Liam Neeson (he apparently proposed to Shields without a ring) and George Michael (the actress calls this a "one-sided" crush).

Then she met Andre Agassi in 1993 and was married to the tennis pro from 1997 to 1999. Shields recalls in her book when Agassi showed up on the Friends set when she was guest starring (she played a fan obsessed with Matt LeBlanc's character Joey), and "stormed off" in a jealous rage, "drove all the way to Vegas" and smashed all of his trophies.

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Shields says Agassi eventually confessed after the two were divorced that he had an addiction to crystal meth in the beginning stages of their relationship.

The actress has now been married to her husband Chris Henchy since 2001, and the couple has two kids: Rowan, 11, and Grier, 8.

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