'Survivor' Producer Accused of Murdering His Wife Releases Video Diary from Prison


Bruce Beresford-Redman, the reality show producer arrested for his wife's murder in 2010, is giving his first interview from behind bars in Mexico.

The interview, featuring a video diary from prison, will be featured on 48 Hours this Saturday.

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"I agreed to do these video diaries to give a sense of what life was like here in hell," says Bruce, who insists that he is innocent. "My existence in here has become a very basic struggle to simply survive."

Bruce, who was once a producer for Pimp My Ride and Survivor, has been held in a Mexican prison where he has been on trial for more than two years in the death of his wife, Monica, who was found strangled and naked in a sewer near the Cancun resort where the couple were staying in 2010. Bruce admitted to having an extra-marital affair about a month before making the trip and other hotel guests claimed to have heard screams coming from the couple's room before Monica's body was discovered. Bruce was later detained in California before being extradited to Cancun two years later.

"I don't think I can possibly convey what it feels like to have not seen my children for nearly three years," says Bruce who had two children with Monica -- Alec and Camila.

The cell 12 x 15-foot cell that Bruce now calls home is designed for three people. Bruce shares the cell with upwards of 10 others. The crowded, rat-infested facility was originally built for 700 people, but now holds nearly 1,800 men women and children.

"It's chaos," Bruce says at one point. "I gotta go."