Barbra Streisand Brings Back Crimped Hair But Was Never a Fan of Her Husband's Hair


Barbra Streisand has a new look
that she's bringing back from the '80s. The singer crimped her hair for The Meredith Vieria Show today, but it was actually husband James Brolin's hair that she wanted to talk about, as it was one of the reasons they fell in love.

The 72-year-old performer told Meredith that she didn't like his hair when they first met, and she wasn't afraid to tell him her opinion.

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Streisand says her husband of 16 years fell in love with her in that honest moment "because I told him the truth. Most people don't tell the truth, they are afraid of the truth, but I like the truth."

Honesty aside, Barbra says she and James are a typical married couple. She describes them as sitting in front of their television with trays watching Homeland.

So what exactly is in those trays?

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She says, "My husband's tray comes with a box filled with spices and he sits there, I'm trying to watch TV and he's making all these noises, pepper, salt, cumin and coriander. I don't know what, but we are very different."

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While Brolin's tray of spices may sound fancy, Barbra was also candid about how he is not exactly a chef. When he first told her he could cook she says she thought, "Wow this is a catch. So he came with a sushi roller, that wooden thing and made sushi and I love sushi. So, I thought, 'This is really great.' He has never cooked again."

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