Kirk Cameron Shares His Views on Women's Role in the Home


Actor Kirk Cameron is on a mission to save Christmas with his new movie, but it's his views on how wives and mothers should act around the holidays that's actually putting him in the headlines.

The Growing Pains star, an Evangelical Christian, posted a Facebook video on Tuesday that he captioned: "Calling all moms, wives and keepers of your home -- I made this video for you, to remind you of how irreplaceable you are to your family this Christmas."

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Sharing some traditional, albeit conservative, views on a woman's role in her home, Cameron insists that females should not lose their "joy" over the holiday season as that will "sap your strength."

"Let your children, your family, see your joy in the way that you decorate your home this Christmas, in the food that you cook, the songs you sing, the stories you tell and the traditions that you keep," the 44-year-old actor/director says. "Christmas is about joy and if the joy of the Lord is your strength, remember the joy of the mom is her children's strength."

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This message seems to be in line with Cameron's new Saving Christmas movie, out in select theaters Friday, which he also promotes at the end of the video. According to the official website for the movie, the goal of the flick is to remind everyone of the true "reason for the season."

"Invite your whole neighborhood into your Christmas," he says in his FB post, "And invite the world into our story of our king and his kingdom."

What do you think of Cameron's message?

Cameron recently attended the wedding of 19 Kids and Counting star Jessa Duggar and the ceremony was noticeably missing one big tradition.