Sugar Bear Breaks His Silence, Was 'Hurt' to See Convicted Sex Offender Around Honey Boo Boo


Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson speaks out for the first time exclusively to ET since photos of June "Mama June" Shannon with ex-boyfriend and convicted child molester Mark McDaniel surfaced.

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"I ain't got nothing against Mark," said Sugar Bear. "He done his time ... Since he's been out, I haven't heard of him doing nothing wrong."

While McDaniel may not have had any reported incidences since his release from prison, prior to his incarceration, Mama June's eldest daughter Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell filed charges against him with the help of her grandmother when she was 8-years-old after he molested her.

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Brooke asked Sugar Bear if he had a problem with seeing McDaniel around his 9-year-old daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

"To an extent, yes I do," he replied. "It's something that never should have happened, and when I found out about it, it hurt me."

Mama June defended herself by saying that she was also hurt by what McDaniel did to Chickadee, but Sugar Bear had a tough time believing her.

"In a way I do believe her, and in a way I don't," said Sugar Bear, pointing to a picture of Mama June and McDaniel smiling at an open house.

A photo also surfaced on TMZ showing Mama June in bed with McDaniel, but Mama June claimed that the picture is fraudulent.

"I had a company analyze that one and it's been photo shopped," said Mama June.

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TMZ has denied doctoring the photo.

"To be honest, all I want to work on is getting June and my girls back," said Sugar Bear. "That is my main thing right now."

Sugar Bear and Mama June split in September after Sugar Bear was caught chatting with women online. As of now, Mama June isn't entertaining the idea of getting back together.

"[Sugar Bear] has been at the house since all of this has transpired, and he has been staying there 24 hours a day, but as far as allowing him back into my life in a relationship, no," said Mama June.

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