Adorable Toddler Invites Miranda Lambert to His Birthday -If He Could Only Say Her Name


Three-year-old Ronan is about to turn four. So, who better to invite than Miranda Lambert to help him celebrate at his fourth birthday party?

However, the toddler couldn’t exactly pronounce the country superstar's name correctly, instead calling her, “dilamber lambert.”

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In the video, posted to YouTube by his mother Kaci, he is trying to learn how to say Miranda’s name. But admits, “I can't say it so I want to say this lamber lamber."

As if he couldn't possibly get any cuter, he then admits that he wouldn’t exactly know what to say to Blake Shelton’s better half if she showed up to his 4th birthday party, but he knows what he would do.

“I’ll hug her,” adorable Ronan admits.

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Miranda has an incredibly big heart, especially when it comes to her fans. In fact, she recently broke down in tears while performing “Over You” to a 7-year-old fan with cancer at her concert in Corpus Christi, TX in September.

Check out the video above to see hear the specific present Ronan would like for Miranda to bring if she did attend his party!

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