6 Surprising Details That Help Explain Why Kendall Jenner Feels Like 'Hannah Montana'


Kendall Jenner is having a great year for her career. She has modeled for the most prominent fashion runways, and she recently landed a new modeling gig with Estee Lauder.

Career success aside though, the 19-year-old tells the New York Times that she feels like she is living a double life with the modeling and her reality star fame.

She says, "It’s definitely two different worlds. I feel like Hannah Montana. But it’s fun."

The "fun" life she lives has some surprising truths so we break down the six most revealing details about Kendall in her New York Times profile.

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Kendall was not always the most fashionable, and it's all documented. You can see how she grew up on television in a style that she would not approve of now. She explains, "On Season 1 of our show, I would wear, like, neon green jeans and a white polo shirt, the craziest things.”

Fashion Designer Riccardo Tischi did not pick Kendall for his Givenchy show for her reality fame. He says, "I didn’t do it because of my links to her sister or to Kanye, as everyone seems to believe. I only chose Kendall because I thought she was amazing, a striking, dark, edgy beauty, exactly the way I like them.”

While Tischi was excited about her, not everyone was initally. Love Magazine's Katie Grand reportedly helped place Kendall in a Marc Jacobs show for New York Fashion Week but said her first reaction of Kendall was "underwhelmed." Grand ended up giving her a shot after a second follow -up meeting.

While the extra attention for being a celebrity could be seen as a positive to career boost, she actually did not want it. Kendall said "she was happiest to go unrecognized at castings and shows."

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When Estee Lauder made her the newest face of the brand, Kendall's social media power helped the site gain six times the number of unique visitors as on an average Saturday, according to data provided to the New York Times by the brand. With 16 million followers on Instagram, the fact that she made the announcement on there was a marketing savvy move.

After all of the media attention she gets, Kendall places high on the Q score rating, a way to measure consumer awareness and favorability. Her awareness percentage is at a 33 amongst the general population. To put it in comparison, she's only two percentage points below the world's highest paid model, Gisele Bundchen.

In this case, living a double life has certainly paid off as she continues to be influential!

Check out Kendall modeling in the video below.

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