'SNL' Makes Cameron Diaz a 'Back Home Baller' and Brings Back 'Schoolhouse Rock'


It was such a fun night for Saturday Night Liveon Nov. 22 with host Cameron Diaz. It not only made us laugh but threw us back.

Diaz, 42, and the SNL ladies made a music video about going home for Thanksgiving.

Titled "Back Home Baller," the song is a new hit and a sequel to last Christmas' "Twin Bed" about the awkwardness of sleeping with a new boyfriend in the parents' house.

In this song, The Other Woman star and the SNL women are mooching off their parents. As the lyrics say, "I'm a back home baller, if I want something I just holler. I do what I want and I get what I want 'cause my parents miss their daughter!"

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From the furry jackets to the funny lyrics, "Hell yeah my mom went to Costco." It only continues with relatable moments, "Grandma says I look taller… I'm going to do a whole load [of laundry] for just one sock… When my mom needs help, I pretend to be napping."

And when the WIFI password is ridiculously long, coming home for Thanksgiving has never been so funny.

Just when this SNL skit was not enough, the show brought back the classic Schoolhouse Rock from the '70s to make fun of President Obama signing an executive order. The lyrics "I'm just a bill sitting on Capitol Hill" and how a bill becomes a law are all too familiar, but in this political spoof, the Executive Order (played by Bobby Moynihan) thinks it will be used for declaring holidays or creating national parks. However, the president says it will actually be used for granting amnesty to five million undocumented immigrants.

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Moynihan reacts, "Whoa! I didn't have time to read myself!"

Ultimately, SNL's President Obama literally knocks over the "Bill" (Kenan Thompson).

Making fun of both Thanksgiving and politics, this SNL was a double-whammy!

Check out what SNL alum Ana Gasteyer is up to in the video below.