Ed Sheeran Surprises Young Fan With Adorable On-Air Duet


Aimee Keogh is a typical young girl in Ireland who loves One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer and Ed Sheeran.

So when she goes on the Irish TV program The Late Late Toy Show on Nov. 28 to demonstrate how a karaoke app works, she knows all the words to Sheeran's hit "Lego House."

What she doesn't know, though, is that Sheeran himself secretly flew to the show after a gig in England to surprise her.

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He runs on stage and gives her a huge hug as she is overwhelmed with emotion.

The two then sing a duet of "Lego House" and are melting hearts all over the world as the clip now has over 200,000 views on YouTube.

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Keogh calls the experience "brilliant," but it does not stop there. Sheeran says he'll pay for her and her family to see him perform in London next July and gives her Christmas gifts including a signed X album, a "Ted Sheeran" teddy bear and, as he calls it, a "Christmas jumper."

Talk about a sweet holiday surprise!

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Check out the video below to see how Ed Sheeran learned to dance for "Thinking Out Loud."

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