This Target Employee's Epic Black Friday Pep Talk Is the Motivation You Need to Get Through the Week


Remember #AlexFromTarget? The 16-year-old Target employee who became famous in 12 hours (and may or may not have been some sort of social media marketing ploy)?

FORGET ALEX FROM TARGET. We’re all about Scot from Target now.

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We don’t know much about #ScotFromTarget, except that he’s very (VERY) passionate about Target and making sure everyone (who wasn’t boycotting Black Friday) got in, got the best deal, and got out alive.

This is quite the pep talk. Sure, some of it is a mishmash of 300 (“This. Is. TARGET.”) and various other movie quotes, but we’re amped up and we don’t even work there. GIVE US DOOR BUSTERS OR GIVE US DEATH!!!!

How long do you think it’ll be till #ScotFromTarget gets to go on Ellen?

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