Why Mark Wahlberg Is Asking a Judge to Wipe Away His Criminal Record


Mark Wahlberg served 45 days in prison in 1988 for allegedly hitting a guy in the head so badly that the man reportedly lost an eye. Now the 43-year-old is asking the Massachusetts Parole Board to pardon the assault in a 16-page petition.

"I did a lot of things I regretted and certainly paid for my mistakes," Mark told ET in 1995.

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In the incident, Mark was allegedly high and drunk, attempting to steal two cases of alcohol from a convenience store in the Dorchester neighborhood in Boston.

"I kind of hit my all-time low when I was incarcerated," Mark also said in our 1995 interview. "Seeing all my friends there I kind of realized this was all that was there for me and unless I took it upon myself to change my situation, that's where I was going to spend the rest of my life."

Today, Mark is a different man after becoming one of the most respected actors and producers in Hollywood who has also given upwards of $10 million to help troubled kids. But 26 years later, he's looking for forgiveness.

So why now?

"One, he wants to be more active in law enforcement," said attorney and Hot Bench judge Tanya Acker. "And the other thing is he wants business ventures. Mark is a dad. He's got kids. It's really a chance for him to say to kids, 'You can turn your life around, get on the right track and be forgiven.' "