24 Things Beyonce, Kate Middleton, Jay Z and Prince William May Have Talked About

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Last evening, over a rousing game of baskets of balls, the King and Queen of America met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. During the match between the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers, royals Beyoncé and Jay Ztook a moment to say hello to royals Kate Middleton and Prince William.

According to E! News, Beyoncé and Kate "talked about their kids. They asked each other, ‘How old is yours?’ They bonded over motherhood." Maybe that is true. Or maybe their conversation went something like this:

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1. Kate: “It’s an honor to meet you, your highness.”
2. Will: “We have a Queen in our country as well. She is my grandmother. You two would really get on well, I think.”
3. Will: “Now, is your palace in New York or California? And do you summer in…Canada? Mexico? Where is your summer home exactly?”
4. Kate: “How many corgis do you own?”
5. Bey: “What was the craziest rumor you heard about your pregnancy? For me, it was that I was never even pregnant.”
6. Bey: “A play date? Let me check Blue’s schedule-- It looks like she’s free on the third of March in 2018. Would that work?”
7. Jay: “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is HOV, oh, H to the O-V.”
8. Bey: “I actually don’t scrapbook, I find it tedious. But I do have the entire first year of Blue’s life documented in my HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream. Have you seen it?”

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10. Kate: “I love all your music!”
11. Bey: “I love your............dresses!”
12. Bey: “Is George interested in music? Blue had features on two songs before her first birthday.”
13. Jay: “You crazy for this one! S'yo boy!”
14. Kate: “I awoke like this!, right? I awoke like this!Flaw free! Delightful.”
15. All: [awkward silence]
16. Will: “Are there people all the way up there at the top? Did they not want to sit down here by the court? Hello! Cheers!”

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17. Will: “You know, one time I asked Kate to recreate the ‘Partition’ video for me. It’s quite a funny story, actually...”
18. Will: “I fancy myself a bit of an amateur rapper. Would you like to hear?”
19. Bey: “Have you seen my feature film, Obsessed?”
20. Kate: “We were drunk on tea in love. Do you get it? Yes? Will, I told you that would be funny.”
21. Jay: “*Jay Z laugh*
22. All: “Peas and carrots. Peas and carrots. Peas and carrots. Peas and carrots. Peas and carrots--"
23. Kate: “What do you think people think we’re talking about?”
24. Will: “Look at this. It’s Beyoncé meeting Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge. And me, William, meeting you, Jay Z. How fabulous!”

Or maybe they said “HI! BYE!” and went on with their business. Who knows.

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