Celebrity Aliases Exposed! Sony Hackers Reveal Stars' Pseudonyms


The Sony hackers, known as the Guardians of Peace, have leaked new information about the company. But this time, they've shared some Hollywood A-listers' pseudonyms with the public.

Despite James Franco willingly sharing his "personal" information on Saturday Night Live this weekend, the stars affected may not be as thrilled to have their secrets spilled.

NEWS: 'Fury' and 'Annie' Among Movies Leaked Online Following Sony's Hack Attack

According to new documents obtained by Fusion, the hackers leaked a document of aliases actors used to protect their privacy while working on various Sony projects.

Here are the names and what we imagine their reaction might be once they found out their private information had been shared with the world.

Tom Hanks, who goes by "Harry Lauder" and "Johnny Madrid"

Natalie Portman, "Lauren Brown"

Sarah Michelle Gellar, "Neely O’Hara"

Rob Schneider, "Nazzo Good"

Jessica Alba, "Cash Money"

Daniel Craig, "Olwen Williams"

Jude Law, "Mr. Perry"

Tobey Maguire, "Neil Deep"

Taye Diggs, "Scott Diggs"

Debra Messing, "Ava Harper"

Clive Owen, "Robert Fenton"

Ice Cube, "O'Shea Jackson" and "Darius Stone"

Check out the video above to find out why these stars chose these aliases!