Sofia Vergara Explains Joe Manganiello's Arm Injury: 'It's Dangerous to Be a Stripper'

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According to Sofia Vergara, stripping for hundreds of females in Magic Mike XXL wasn't all fun and games for her boyfriend Joe Manganiello.

In fact, it was downright dangerous.

During a new interview with Conan O'Brien, Vergara reveals the serious injury Manganiello suffered while filming the highly anticipated Magic Mike sequel.

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"He did a lot of crazy things in the movie," she explains. "I think he even had an accident. He had a problem with his arm because he was doing some crazy stripper routine, and the girl that he was with -- doing the stripping for -- did something wrong, and things went wrong, so he got hurt."

The True Blood actor was in fact spotted with an arm sling on his right arm on Dec. 4 while dining in West Hollywood, Calif.


Vergara says his intense filming experience in Savannah, Ga. taught her an important lesson.

"It's dangerous to be a stripper," she says. "I thought it was just fun and games, but no."

The Modern Family actress, who's been dating Manganiello since July, also dishes that the handsome actor didn't need any tips from her when it came to dancing.

"No, he moves perfectly," she says. "I don't have to give him any pointers. But, you know, it was fun to see him prepare for Magic Mike. It was a little bit surprising because I didn't know he could dance like that."

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Check out the hot couple's romance timeline in the video below!

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