Did Abigail Breslin Just Call Taylor Swift an 'Emotionally Unstable Cat Lady'?


Is there some "Bad Blood" brewing between Abigail Breslin and Taylor Swift?

If you're judging by Breslin's verified Twitter account, then yes.

The 18-year-old Little Miss Sunshine actress appeared to have taken a surprising dig at Swift Thursday, tweaking a lyric to Swift's hit "Blank Space" to call her an "emotionally unstable cat lady."

The original lyric reads: "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

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After getting some heat from Swift's fans, Breslin claimed the tweet was actually referring to herself.

But that hasn't stopped fans from speculating that the harsh tweet might be due to Swift's recent "Twitter-mance" with Breslin's ex-boyfriend, 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford.

Clifford and Swift had their respective fans in a tizzy earlier this month, when the two started tweeting their mutual praise for one another.

Breslin and Clifford's short-lived romance reportedly didn't end well, as evidenced by her recent debut song "You Suck" -- which if you're judging by the pointed lyrics, is definitely about the 5 Seconds of Summer star.

"I said you sound like All Time Low/You really don't even though you try hard," she sings.

And it gets worse.

"I hate the scar above your eye/It looks like you're on drugs," she continues in a following verse. "And you really need to learn to wash your hair/Overall, you're not a catch/You're just a dumbass/Bleaching your hair/Well, I hope it all falls out."

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Watch the video below for more backstory on Swift's growing friendship with Abigail's ex.

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