'CSI' Cast Makes a Fan's Wish Come True


One of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's biggest fans, 17-year-old Lindsey Wheeler, had one of her wishes come true when she met her favorite cast members.

"I didn't actually expect to meet anyone from [the cast]," Lindsey told ET. "They just said, 'Don't get your hopes up.'"

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Lindsey was pleasantly surprised when she got to meet a few of the stars, including George Eads.

"Everyone's asking, 'Who do you want to see?'" Lindsey said. "I'm like, 'Nick Stokes! Why? Look at him!'"

"I haven't had a fan this excited to see me before," George said of his encounter with Lindsey. "It makes me blush."

The meeting seemed to be a result of good karma for Lindsey who has been a part of making other people's wishes come true in the past.

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"When I was younger, for my 7th and 8th birthday, instead of getting presents I asked for money, and we donated it to Make-a-Wish," Lindsey explained. "Now I am getting my own Make-A-Wish, and that is crazy."

CSI has special importance for Lindsey, as she will be studying forensic science in college, so the cast made sure she got some Hollywood forensic training. Watch the video to see Lindsey find out how they check ballistics.

CSI airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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