A Father Recorded His 5-Year-Old Daughter Gushing Over Princess Leia's Slave Bikini


When Star Wars blasts back into theaters next year with The Force Awakens, a new generation of kids will be introduced to the Galactic Empire. But here’s a 5-year-old who already has some thoughts on that galaxy far, far away.

Comedian Adam Buxton recorded a conversation with his daughter about the slave outfit Jabba The Hutt makes Leia (Carrie Fisher) wear in Return of the Jedi. Then directors and illustrators The Brothers McLeod animated it, turning the talk into a truly delightful little film.

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What she has to say might surprise you:

“Well, I know Jabba Hut is a baddie...but he actually chose for Leia to dress up as a slave,” she says. “He actually chose a really nice dress. Because I like the way he sort of put the tiara, the bands, these, this, that, her hair plaited. It’s actually a pretty good look for her.”


Buxton tries to explain why the slave bikini may be seen as demeaning, but she’s having none of it. So he asks, “You wouldn’t want to be a slave though, right?”

“No, I’d want to escape and keep on wearing that. Because it looks really nice.”

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Watch the animation below for all of the cuteness (and bonus cuteness: She’s British! And you know how much we love listening to little British kids talk!)

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