Madonna Draws Criticism for Instagram Photos of MLK and Mandela


The performer edited pictures of famous activists to promote her 'Rebel Heart' album.

No stranger to controversy, Madonna has found herself in hot water once again for photos posted to her Instagram page.

The performer has been promoting her new album Rebel Heart by posting photos of famous friends and historical figures with their faces wrapped in black cords (as hers is on the album’s cover) but it wasn’t until Friday, when she posted photos of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, that the performer drew serious criticism for the social promotion.

"This #rebelheart fought for freedom!" Madonna wrote on the photo of Mandela.

"This #rebelheart had a dream!" she captioned the MLK photo.

Critics were quick to point out the singer's misguided strategy of comparing herself to historical civil-rights leaders as well as the disturbing imagery of the photos.

This isn’t Madonna’s first race-related Instagram controversy. Back in January 2014, the singer apologized after using the hashtag "#disnigga" on a photo of son Rocco boxing.

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